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The building of each issue of Scala Regia arises as a thrilling adventure and as a promise of new discoveries. In the same fashion of a green sprout, our magazine grows from the insertion of a seed in state of latent life in the soil. That seed, that primordial idea, through the germination of concepts and thanks to the care and nursing of our collaborators, develops into curated stems, leaves and flowers.

How adequate it is therefore that the issue of Scala Regia that we now deliver, fully blossomed, is being presented to you when a matured Spring already made way for the Summer... and what a floriferous issue this is. Sempiternal inspiration for artists and poets flowers sneak through this issue as never before in precedent ones. Porcelain flowers and carved flowers. Woven flowers and embroidered flowers. There are even diamond flowers. And other flowers too...

I believe there is something thoroughly Portuguese about the magazine. Something that relates with a very informal perception of time. A perception that innately connects the present with both the past and the future. Where others furiously rush themselves into the future we excitedly tune our pace to keep up with it while registering the present and celebrating the glories of the past.

Now, when we hand over this issue for all of you to possess, the challenge of producing a new one begins to us. It's the circle of things. I hope that the following pages are as pleasant for you to consume as they were for us to create!

Diogo Mayo


scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"Liberty is, like innocence, a fundamental premise of beauty



Words by Tiago Lorga

Old as the history of the world itself, the relation between Man and Beast has longly been defined by conflicting feelings: attraction and suspicion, wonder and terror. On this essay, Tiago Lorga guides us on a tour to the strange allure of pinching the unknown, where fear is defeated by reason and, ultimately, beauty triumphs.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"Beauty is everywhere, you just have to grab it!



Interview by the team
Photography by Ricardo Gomes

Nearly since ever one of the members of the Christian Lacroix family, Sacha Walckhoff became the Creative Director of the prestigious house after the departure of its eponymous founder. Under Sacha’s tutelage, Maison Christian Lacroix presents itself with a renewed, fresh and shimmering face. Avoiding to compromise or to diminish the brand’s strong heritage, Sacha was the knight in shining armour who succeeded in guiding the fashion power house on its transition into a beacon of lifestyle.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"He was a great booklover and the library contained over two thousand volumes



Words and photography by Håkan Groth

"After much thinking about how to write this piece about the arts in the Swedish eighteenth century, I decided to focus on Gustav III and his Pavilion at Haga. This is a remarkable house with exquisite interiors but it was also the King’s private retreat towards the end of his life. There have been many books written about Gustav III as he was involved in so much of public life at the time... his childhood, family, politics, travels, theatre, opera, artists and many others. In the end, I chose Haga as the King was so closely involved in its creation. During his life, Gustav III faced strong political opposition from the leading aristocrats of his country. It seems that the more difficult things became, the more he concentrated on this project as a form of escapism and therapy. A strong advocate of the enlightened absolutism, it is believed that Gustav was planning to change the Swedish constitution by creating a parliamentary system. However, in spite of the many reforms that the King was able to promote, his premature death at the hands of assassins in 1792 prevented him from accomplishing everything he wished to."

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine


Photography by Maria Rita
Art Direction by Pierre Roffe

We have invited our friend Austen Smart to dress smart for us and he comfortably accepted. Austen is a DJ & Music Producer and, with that in mind, the leitmotif for these photos was naturally sorted. Clubbing in style... That’s smart, no?

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine


Photography by Mikkel Russel
Art Direction by Mads Lehn Kruse @ MK Agency

Superbly prepared, a languid beauty sits and waits. One is left to imagine that a certain someone forgot about the settled date and let her down. But who can say that the powdering of the nose, the brushing of the hair and the dressing of the body with such flair isn’t simply an act of self-indulgence and nothing else?

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"His challenging appearance and apparel stemmed from his desire to escape



Words by Benjamin Linley Wild

As diverse as his creative skills, the styles of Cecil Beaton not only defined his appearance but also his personality and aspirations. Moving from the utmost bohemian circles into the milieus of royalty, his chamaleonic qualities never ceased to grow and, associated with the continuing transformation of his personal wardrobe, the passage of time witnessed the evolution of a charismatic man whose brilliance echoes to this day.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"The rooms allow us to visit the original stage of the private and political moments that have defined the history of Portugal



Words by the Director and Curators of the Museum

The National Palace of Ajuda is fruit of the will of King João VI of Portugal, who wished to build one of the largest palaces in the world and fill it to the brim with the riches of the Portuguese Empire. Although incomplete, it is still today the most important palace in the country regarding the relevance of its collections and authenticity of its interiors. Practically untouched since the fall of the monarchy in 1910, the abundant collections of the palace, which oldest objects date from the 16th century, bring together jewellery, painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, furniture, glass and photography, aside from the many other wonders connected to the daily life of the Royal Family that constitute a universe of over 100.000 pieces.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine


Photography by Maria Rita
Art Direction by Diogo Mayo & Pierre Roffe

Final seat of one of Europe’s oldest monarchies, Ajuda Palace, in Lisbon, is the guest of honour of this issue of Scala Regia. Inspiring ourselves in the figure of Maria Pia of Savoy, an explosive redheaded princess who became Queen of Portugal at the age of fifteen, we departed in a walk through the magnificent rooms of the palace that was her life-long home.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"I need to have a bit of ego and think that to paint is, for me, to be alive



Interview by the team

Harmony and contrast, followed by daringness, are some of the words that first come to mind while observing the paintings of Sarah Awad. It’s probably safe to say that it is in the formula that results from the correlation of these three aspects where reside the originality and vibration of her work. To go along with the interview which Sarah amicably agreed to give us, we selected a feminine and dreamy set of oil paintings. Almost like a modern gynaceum whose occupants, emancipated from clothes and glorious in their nudity, feel proud and powerful!

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"An extensive archive full of scientific and emotional significance



Words by Cesare Cunaccia
Photography by Enrico Costantini

Tirelli Costumi, an incomparable creative force that in 2014 celebrated half a century of activity, dressed the most famous and iconic films of all time. While collecting awards and prizes of different kinds, they have legated to the entire world unforgettable memories that are carved in the imaginary of each one of us.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"Where I once looked for absolute mastery, I now look for the evidence of struggle



Words by Pierre Roffe

For more than thirty years Gerard Gauci has been extensively painting and designing. «Oddity» would have been a good title for this article as ‘odd’ is how someone would describe his work at first sight. However, there is more substance to it that reveals something about the mind who has found such an uncommon way to tell a story.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"Not to wear a wig was a symbol of class-rebellion and radicalism



Words by Kyriaco Nikias

Wigs are one of those fashions so foreign to us today we wonder how anyone could sanely have worn one. The King lost his hair, donned a wig - so the story goes - and the rest followed. But male vanity was not in fact a modern thing. Since antiquity, the wig has been a symbol of indulgence, a manifestation of political allegiance and a way to move up in society.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"Many people think that my pieces are botanically correct but I do whatever is needed for decorative effect



Words by the team

Alchemists tried for centuries to emulate nature’s most precious secrets and failed. Vladimir Kanevsky triumphed in this aim as, through a seemingly magical process, delicate porcelain flowers come out of his hands as beautiful and in such variety as those found in nature. This wide diversity of vibrantly coloured and richly textured flowers, set in structures flamboyantly disguised as dancing branches, leave no one indifferent.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine


Photography by Jose Ferreira
Art Direction by Diogo Mayo

Noun: Graceful and elegant bearing in a person; composure and dignity of manner; balance and equilibrium.
Célio Dias, an olympic athlete, is the most gentle of the giants and the personification of poise. We knew that capturing him inside the ethereal FRESS Museum of Decorative Arts would produce a beautiful series of pictures and the most magnificent contrasts. Just like Célio cannot only be defined by the strength of his body but rather by his greater serenity, the museum itself is not simply a repository of fine objects but also a thriving organism through the schooling of decorative arts and nostalgic craftsmanship.

scala regia issue magazine
scala regia issue magazine

"That is what these pictures are all about - that eternal place at our family's table



Words by Pedro Rei

The photographer of serendipity, Artur Pastor, sought and registered the immutable nature of the true and of the meaningful. Through fifty years his lens and his eyes teamed up to leave us a magnum opus of tens of thousands of pictures. His legacy, currently housed at Lisbon’s Municipal Archive, not only is the faithful portrait of one nation and its people but also that of the entire humanity.

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Queen Maria Pia of Portugal (1847-1911) for the bookplate and the quotes’ initials

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